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What is the advantages of a Trade Your Car executive?


Trade Your Car can be the most useful if you are stuck in a tricky spot. Trade Your Car is able to get out to you day or night, in order to carry out a sale when you need it most.

They will often own a van and drive out to where your car is parked to carry out the sale,  as they will have all of the tools and materials required to complete the sale, with them.

There are a huge amount of jobs which Trade Your Car services can cover as many problems in a car can be caused by minor issues and can be repaired without the need for new parts or an entire team of mechanics.

Even if you suspect you have a massive amount of work required you can utilize Trade Your Car to assess the damage before going to a garage to have the repair completed.

If your car brake’s down and you have it towed to a garage, you will have to pay for the car being towed to the garage itself.

However if you find Trade Your Car near you, they will come to the car and carry out all of the sale work there and then, saving you money!

Jobs such as a mobile vehicle diagnostic are ideal as you won’t need to worry about getting your car to a garage if it won’t start.

How do I protect myself?

One of the worries that people have when it comes to trading in your car is that they will turn up, carry out some work and leave after taking money, only for the car to not be sold again and there is no sign of the mobile afterwards.

Who Can Trade In Your Car, we have a rating system which showcases the best prices and mobile sales team. Drivers leave reviews so any other sales with bad practices will be shown to have a low score.

It’s important to research Trade Your Car, which is why we make all of their information available to you once you have quotes.

You can look at their profile page and even call them directly to find out more about their services.

Some Trade Your Car executives will be insured against damages that might occur as well as offering warranties which protects against malpractice.

What are the limitations of Trade Your Car?

The advantages are obvious for hiring a mobile Trade Your Car executive, however there are limitations when it comes to selling a car without a fully equipped book.

There are certain jobs Trade Your Car executives simply won’t be able to complete as the amount of time and tools required would not be made available to a Trade Your Car executive.

Finding a mobile Trade Your Car executive is not always easy, which is why we simplified the process.

We work with a network of 8,000 Trade Your Car executives and garages across South Africa so we can be the best local buyers near you.

  • Enter your car registration number
  • Give us a few details about your car and your requirements
  • We’ll send you a great selection of quotes from Trade Your Car executive in your area.