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Discover infinite driving pleasure with Trade Your Car Approved Used Cars. Only after they have undergone extensive visual and technical inspections by our specialists, do our pre-owned vehicles receive the mark of approval. This means that you are guaranteed 100% premium quality and uncompromising reliability when you choose Trade Your Car Approved Used Cars. Every Trade Your Car Approved Used Car has at least 12 months and 25,000 km Motorplan and offers a comprehensive portfolio of services and financing options. Simply get in and be inspired.

Get even more when you buy a car at the same time. Two for the price of one.

Trade Your Car Approved Used Cars provide peace of mind motoring, reassurance of a manufacturer Motorplan and the same confidence when purchasing a used vehicle as when purchasing a new vehicle. For us, quality is not only a promise but also a principle. A pre-owned vehicle with the Trade Your Car Approved Used Cars certificate is no more than five years old and has a maximum mileage of 175,000 km. It has also undergone a rigorous inspection in our Quality Check. Only vehicles that meet all the precisely defined product standards are certified. Trade Your Car Approved Used Cars are exclusively available from Trade Your Car Approved Used Car dealers, so that we can always guarantee the highest quality.


Trade Your Car Approved Used Cars have undergone a Quality Check by our experts to ensure that they meet the highest standards. In addition to certified quality, a Trade Your Car Approved Used Car also offers you many added benefits – a comprehensive guarantee and mobility services, attractive financing models and above all: an incredible driving experience.


Why You Should Sell Your Car To Trade Your Car

People are always looking for quality clean cars, so selling it should be easy right? Unfortunately in today’s world you have to compete with thousands of other people looking to sell their car too! That’s where Trade Your Car comes in. We assess your vehicle, give you a price and if you’re happy we pay you there and then. No transfer fees, no advertising fees, no fees at all. And best of all it’s fast, give us a call in the morning and we’ll be there later that day ready to assess and purchase your vehicle.

Trade Your Car is all about helping you:

  • Sell your car faster
  • Getting you the best price available
  • Getting rid of unwanted cars

We are always looking for good quality clean pre-owned vehicles so contact us today!